Planning for Homeschoolers: Nuts and Bolts


It’s that time of year again! I will admit up until this weekend I had no motivation to start my planning. Absolutely zero. However, a fellow Waldorf homeschooler (Hi Tracie!) emailed me about a planning course being given by Lisa Boisvert Mackenzie. I signed up and it has given me the kick in the pants inspiration I needed. (If you are interested, click here for more details.) After I had gathered my resources for grades 3 and 7, I found myself turning to my blog to remember how I do this. LOL but true! Anyway, below you will find an index of planning posts I found most helpful. Maybe someone else will too. If you are starting to plan on your blog, please leave a link in the comments. There is strength in numbers.

Planning a Homeschool Year (Part 1)

The BIG Paper (Part 2)

Speed Planning

Planning Week by Week

Seasonal Binders

Record Keeping

A Look at What Planning REALLY Looks Like