Weekly Menu #1


  • Breakfast: Eggs (any way they want them)
  • Snack: Veggies (usually augmented with nuts, yogurt, or some other protein)
  • Lunch: Homemade Mac and Cheese (I use leftover pasta from the night before)
  • Snack: Chips and dip (usually salsa or guacamole)
  • Dinner: Salmon


  • Breakfast: Crepes (fancy, but really no more complicated than pancakes)
  • Snack: Fruit (usually augmented with nuts, yogurt, or some other protein)
  • Lunch: Sandwiches
  • Snack: Miso Soup (I always have the paste in my fridge.)
  • Dinner: Soup (I make stock on Monday with leftover chicken from Friday)


  • Breakfast: Egg in the hole
  • Snack: Muffins (I usually make a big batch once a month and freeze them for snack)
  • Lunch: Leftovers/Potluck (whatever is in the fridge that needs to be eaten. usually soup.)
  • Snack: Cracker surprise (can be anything on a cracker: hummus, goat cheese, cheese, PB)
  • Dinner: Pasta


  • Breakfast: French Toast (uses up stale bread. I make it with coconut milk to pack on the calories for the squirts.)
  • Snack: Cheese
  • Lunch: Rice Surprise (I usually have leftover rice in the fridge or freezer and just put a protein with it.)
  • Snack: Popcorn (so easy and they love it)
  • Dinner: Beef


  • Breakfast: Sausage Biscuits
  • Snack: Toast with spread (butter, cream cheese, PB, nutella)
  • Lunch: Soup
  • Snack: Pizza (I usually have crusts in the freezer, but also make them on pitas, english muffins or even bread)
  • Dinner: Roast Chicken


  • Potluck all the ding-dong-day
  • Dinner: Homemade pizza and salad (I always make extra pizza for snacks and such)


  • Breakfast: frittata (to clean out any veggies and such in the fridge)
  • Potluck the rest of the day
  • Dinner: Spaghetti and red sauce (or Tom is just not happy)

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