Grade 6

This page contains my notes, resources and links for grade 6. You can see my proposed layout for the year at the bottom of this post. I will post what we actually accomplish as the year progresses. Please feel free to add your favorite resources below – the more the merrier!


General Curriculum

  • A Rough Guide to Sixth Grade, Christopherus
  • Grade 6,7,8 Overview by Barbara Dewey (audio of an interview on the Waldorf Connection)
  • Grade 6 Audio by Donna Simmons
  • Grade 6 audio (3 parts), Melisa Nielsen

Rome (see what we actually did in this post)

Medieval History


Geology, Biomes and Mineralogy

Math: Business Math/Decimals/Percents

Geometry/Geometric Drawing

Religious Figures, Biographical Study

  • Jesus, Demi
  • Mohammed, Demi


  • 3-D sewing

*can be used as a read-aloud/independent reading

16 thoughts on “Grade 6

    • Hey Siobhan,
      Basically I went through my bookshelves and the attic and pulled from things I already own. These lists will become unwieldy – some already are! I like to categorize and organize so I know what I have. Every year, this seems to get easier.

  1. I am in the middle of planning out my geology block. I had hopes of covering biomes/weather as well, but I just can’t figure out how to get it all in in 4 weeks! Have you laid yours out yet? Maybe one more night of thinking will bring some clarity… Oh, and I just requested a book from the library on the geology of the carolinas. I will let you know what I think. I am hoping to schedule in two field trips this block…one to Grandfather Mtn (or Chimney Rock) and another to caverns.

    • LOL – (in a rueful and commiserating manner) Geology has been giving me a fit as well. Currently I only have 3 weeks scheduled for it, but I have a feeling whatever I plan for December is going to get steamrollered by whatever doesn’t get finished in the first few months of school. I have read the geology portion of Charles Kovacs book, and also the geology part of Nature Stories to Natural Science by Donna Simmons. (I have the geology book of the carolinas on hold at the library) I was really making myself nuts and then I did what you did – I let it rest for awhile. I had a brainstorm the other morning to get a big paper map of the world with just the outlines of the continents and focus on the earth as a whole, Pangea, fault lines, earthquake zones and finally biomes. I want Vincent to fill all of this in and color it appropriately on the big map. For the geology/weather things I am going to have him complete a lapbook from Hands of a Child (the Waldorf Police are definitely going to be at my door in the morning!!). If you are remotely interested in this I can send you a link. There is also a free lapbook available from them right now on Metals. I am also going to have him work on the Geology merit badge and complete the workbook that goes along with that from I also want to do a couple of field trips (Linville Caverns, and a local granite quarry). I also think starting a rock collection that we can add to all year will be good as well.

      This is all in the pie-in-the-sky planning phase, but my overall goal is to emphasize an artistic approach during main lesson time (the map, field trip and rock collection) and have him do more of the factual/information work on his own (lapbook(s) and merit badge). I’ll keep you posted and you do the same.

  2. That sounds all really great Sheila! And good idea on tying in Scout work as well. I was going to have my Webelos 1 work on his Geology Activity badge at the same time, but didn’t even think about merit badges! Thanks for that! I think I hashed out a good plan for Geology over the last two days (so funny how letting it rest always helps, huh). I am just going to start with a general oveview with week 1 covering the globe as a whole, weather patterns and intro the biomes. Then weeks 2-4 will cover the more knitty gritty of geology (mtn formation, volcanoes, pangea, types of rocks, etc.) I also read Kovac’s and will use some of it for our block, but felt that it also left a lot out which surprised me as I am such a big fan of Kovacs. I am hoping the Astronomy portion does not disappoint :-)

    • I love Kovacs for history, but do find him lacking in science. I didn’t like his Man and Animal or Botany book.

      Your plan sounds great.

      The reason I thought about the merit badges is bc on our troop discussion board someone brought up the fact that homeschoolers use the merit badge books to teach specific subjects and that a lot of them aren’t even scouts.

      I’m going to do the bird study badge as well this year.

  3. Hi there! I’m fortunate because my eldest is one year behind your eldest in school. So, your site is indispensable for me and my planning, thanks!

    I was wondering if there was a post about what you ended up doing with the Geology / Biomes unit? I see so many good plans, but I so love seeing what you ended up winnowing out as you went along.

    Also, did you enjoy the Kovacs Geology? I did not enjoy the Kovacs Botany, I found it tough to line up with philosophically – the hierarchy of plants, fungi being at the bottom, etc. But, I do love the Kovacs Greece. Knowing those two facts, would you recommend the Kovacs Geology to me?

    Thanks much, please keep it up!

    • So glad you can use these things. These pages are my planning repositories – I definitely don’t use even half the resources listed. You can see what we did in geology here
      We took a lot of Alison’s suggestions. She is great. An unexpected offshoot of this block was Vincent’s new found obsession (and I do mean obsession! LOL) with coins. He did a mini report on copper and in doing that stumbled on the entry in the World Book about coins – and honestly has been reading about and collecting them ever since.

      I did not enjoy Kovacs’ Geology. I think I have narrowed it down to that I really like his history volumes (although Rome was a little to anthroposophically Christian for me) but his science volumes just don’t do it for me. And I agree with you 100% about the philosophy of botany – and really for me, it is the whole thrust of Goethean Science that I just don’t get.

      So, no, I would get the Kovacs Geology. Alison’s recommendations were mostly at our library. Life Story by Virginia Lee Burton was fantastic!! More than geology too – a great history of the earth.


  4. Sheila – Thank you so much for your responses. Mapping The World with Art looks wonderful. I have a couple more questions.

    Did you ever end up doing the Geology lap book with Hands of a Child, and if so, did you like it?

    Also, I was reading your post about February as the Room of Requirement. I just finished mapping out the weeks of our block outline (we’re using Christopherus for 6th), and, well, when you block out a month, are you just choosing one block to jettison for that year? Or, do they somehow all seem to come together for you in one form or another?

    Thanks! Sarah

  5. Looking forward to it. I think I might just be trying to keep the school year to a shorter length than my curriculum would like. I need to wrap things up by early to mid-May and move to experiential learning and outdoor things, or we’ll go nuts after a long Maine winter.

    One more (I won’t say last) thing – did you purchase the full Hands of the Child book on Fossils? I’m a little tossed by the term “Creation Geology”, it doesn’t appear to be Creation*ist*, but, is it?

    • I didn’t get the full book on fossils. I know they are a Christian company and honestly I don’t remember the lap book that we used being overtly Creationist. Usually, I am more vigilant with science, but that lap book was a leftover from when I first started homeschooling. I would preview their samples and see what you think.

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