Grade 4

Here is a recap our grade 4 year with my thoughts on each block and the resources I found particularly helpful. You can also find other posts on grade 4 here and here.


I used this year to solidify Vincent’s basic math skills with all four processes. We worked a lot with carrying and borrowing, and introduced fractions toward the end of the year.

Man and Animal

We did only one formal Man and Animal block, but did a lot of informal study and read lots of novels with animal characters. (You can see our reading lists here and here.) Thanks to Rascalraccoons became a major focal point of our school studies and everyday life.

  • Animalia by Graeme Base was fantastic for speech recitation. The pictures are great too.
  • Animals, Animals by Eric Carle had wonderful verses and poems. Excellent also for including younger siblings in this block.
  • I loosely followed the unit study The Human Being and Animal by Donna Simmons.
  • We read In Our Image: God’s First Creatures by Nancy Sohn Swartz in grade 3 and read it again during this block. It is one of my favorite books.
  • I picked up The Birds and The Beasts Were There by William Cole at a library sale and used it for poems throughout the year.
  • We took many trips to our local Nature Center.
  • We visited the elk in the Smoky Mtn National Park.

Local and US Geography

We studied our house, which was built in 1880, and the original surrounding farmland. We also studied how our tiny town of Alexander connected to the bigger city of Asheville. You can see details of our US geography block here. Here is a mini-block on the seashore.

  • Mapmaking with Children by Donald Sobel was a wonderful resource. I would recommend it for general homeschooling, Waldorf or not, from grade 1 on up through middle school.
  •  Our big project for the block was a map of our house to scale, including furniture. We incorporated a lot of the measurement stuff we didn’t do in grade 3.

Norse Mythology

You can see details of this block here.

One thought on “Grade 4

  1. Thank you! I had seen your posts, but it’s nice to see it laid out neatly like this. It helps to make it not seem so overwhelming. I’m happy to have a Grade 2 and the same time as a Grade 4, so we can incorporate the Animals theme across both (Grade 2 with the Animal Fables). :) I’ll be looking into your resources. Thanks again.

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