Grade 3

*** Tentative Block Schedule for Grade 3 ***

Aug: Rainbows/fiber dyeing. We will all work with the color wheel, natural vs synthetic dyes on cotton, silk and wool. Also form drawing for both boys (review of mirror forms and then crossing the midline).

Sept: Practical Life (Farming/Gardening/Cooking) Farmer Boy
Oct: Math; set up weather station; measurement
Nov: Old Testament Stories
Dec: Clocks (both boys) Time and making different kinds of clocks.
Jan: Old Testament Stories
Feb: Room of Requirement
Mar: Math
April: Old Testament Stories
May: Practical Life (Farming/Gardening/Cooking)
June: Wrap up and testing

*** Resources ***

Native Americans:

Creation Stories:

  • In the Beginning, Virginia Hamilton
  • The Seven Days of Creation, Leonard Everett Fisher (great inspiration for drawings/paintings)






Old Testament Stories/Jewish Tradition:



2 thoughts on “Grade 3

  1. Hi Sheila, It’s not even a year ago that we finished 3rd but it seems like forever now. One of the resources we used and really loved – which is not Waldorf at all as it involves using a screen – was this DVD:
    We did our farming block last when my son was only a month shy of his 10th birthday, and as you’re doing your farming block first you might want to watch it yourself first if you are considering using it (there might be clips on you tube?). I probably would not have let him watch it a year earlier as he is quite sensitive and it is very detailed in it’s coverage of farm life and death. There’s also a bit of mild swearing (words he’d never heard before and which I didn’t draw attention to, so it went totally over his head). It covers just about every traditional craft you could think of. You could use it as a resource for yourself and never show it to the boys! It’s also of interest when covering the industrial revolution because it shows the impact of machinery on farm life. I come from a long line of English farm workers, and life really was like this for our ancestors. Even back in the 1950s, when my mother was growing up there, they still didn’t have any electricity in the cottage.

    It took us four blocks to cover the Old Testament stories plus I put the story of Noah in my math measurement block. I did the 4th block when we were technically in grade 4 as Donna Simmons recommended. The highlight of my son’s year was the block we did on Moses.

    I can’t believe you have a 7th grader! That seems so grown up! I’m looking forward to reading about your year – blogs which cover the upper grades are very sparse.

    • Thanks for this Cathy! Don’t tell the Waldorf Police, but we have started something called “Movie Morning Friday” in which we watch something historical on Netflix or you tube. We have watched some incredible documentaries on Stonehenge, Castles, Cathedrals, Rome. Neither my boys nor I are big movie watchers, so it is a departure for sure, but so, so fun. I will definitely check that out.

      Jude turns 9 in July, before starting third grade, so he is an “older” student. This has worked really well with how he responds to the curriculum.

      I know, a seventh grader! How did this happen?? Middle school is really fun – I have really enjoyed researching other curriculum options to bring the blocks to him best.

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