Grade 2

This page contains my notes, resources and links for Grade 2. You can find my proposed layout for grade 2 at the bottom of this post here. I will post what we actually did as the year progresses. Feel free to add your favorite ideas below – the more the merrier!


General Curriculum

Saints and Heroes

  • Saints and Heroes, Christopherus
  • Stories of the Saints, Siegwart Knijpenga
  • Young Merlin, Robert D. San Souci*
  • Young Lancelot, Robert D. San Souci*
  • Young Arthur, Robert D. San Souci*
  • The Story of King Arthur, Robin Lister*
  • Tales of Robin Hood, Tony Allan*
  • Camelot: A Collection of Original Arthurian Stories, Jane Yolen*
  • King of Ireland’s Son, Padraic Colum*
  • Stories for the Festivals of the Year, Irene Johanson
  • Mightier than the Sword


  • Second Grade Mathematics, Christopherus

Animal Legends/Fables (see what we actually did in this post)

  • Animalia, Barbara Berger*
  • The Classic Tales of B’rer Rabbit
  • Animal Legends, Christopherus
  • Animalia, Graeme Base (great for speech exercises)
  • Animals, Animals, Eric Carle (great for speech exercises)

Trickster Tales

  • The Classic Tales of B’rer Rabbit
  • Sister Tricksters: Rollicking Tales of Clever Females, Robert D. San Souci



*could be used as a read-aloud

3 thoughts on “Grade 2

  1. Sheila, Do you know there is a 2nd grade Waldorf yahoo group? It’s not used much anymore, but it might be worth an hour or so of your time to trawl through the grade-2-specific archives. I think it was on that group that Carrie recommended Philip M Sherlock’s “Anansi the Spider Man” which is a great collection for 2nd grade. We did an entire Anansi block rather than a mix of different Trickster Tales and it was a hoot. It was our final block of our 2nd grade year, so nice to end with a smile on our faces. Teri blogs about doing an Anansi block here if you haven’t seen it yet:

    Enjoy your year.

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