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from Wholeness can be seen as my contribution to the continuing conversation about inner work – and specifically how inner work relates to homeschooling. My hope for the poetry, journal questions and other offerings I am putting forth in this series is that they will help us begin, develop or deepen our own practice of listening to our own voice. I have no answers for you. Inner work is personal, daily and ever-changing. However, I do believe that no matter what form it takes, inner work leads us all to the same place: a quiet place of stillness and calm where we are truly present to all that is before us. S

  1. An Invitation: Journal / Journey With Me
  2. Poetry: “Start Close In
  3. Journal Meditation: Looking Back Over Last Year
  4. Art Journals #1
  5. Art Journals #2
  6. Poetry: “Love After Love
  7. Poetry: “For the Unknown Self
  8. Journal Meditation: Looking at Ourselves
  9. Art Journals #3
  10. Poetry: “Treasure Hunt in the Woods”
  11. Journal Meditation: Looking at our Children
  12. Art Journals #4
  13. Poetry: “The Thread”
  14. Journal Meditation: Looking Ahead to Next Year

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