Little Altars Everywhere


May you wake with a sense of play,
An exultation of the possible.
May you rest without guilt,
Satisfied at the end of a day well done.
May all the rough edges be smoothed,
If to smooth is to heal,
And the edges be left rough,
When the unpolished is more true
And infinitely more interesting.
May you wear your years like a well-tailored coat
Or a brave sassy scarf.
May every year yet to come:
Be one more bright button
Sewn on a hat you wear at a tilt.
May the friendships you’ve sown
Grown tall as summer corn.
And the things you’ve left behind,
Rest quietly in the unchangeable past.
May you embrace this day,
Not just as any old day,
But as this day.
Your day.
Held in trust
By you,
In a singular place,
Called now.

– Carrie Newcomer, “Blessing”

Little Altars Everywhere


Because it is more silent than you can imagine
and above you the moon is a nickel
glinting from the unseen sun,
surrounded by broken crystals.

With the limbs of the bare trees
web-spread like arteries,
under a sky whose shade
has yet to be named

you will find your mouth agape,
eyes lifted as your knees
sink into the fallow garden,
praying, regardless of belief.

– Rosemary Roston, “Why You Should Go Outside [Tonite]”

Little Altars Everywhere


Forget about enlightenment.
Sit down wherever you are
And listen to the wind singing in your veins.
Feel the love, the longing, the fear in your bones.
Open your heart to who you are, right now,
Not who you would like to be,
Not the saint you are striving to become,
But the being right here before you, inside you, around you.
All of you is holy.
You are already more and less
Than whatever you can know.
Breathe out,
Touch in,
Let go.

– John Welwood, “Forget about Enlightenment”


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Little Altars Everywhere


There is some kiss we want
With our whole life,
The spirit touching the body.

begs the pearl to break its shell.

And the lily, how passionately
it needs some wild darling!

At night, I open the window and ask
the moon to come and press its
face against mine.

Breathe into me.

Close the language-door and
open the love window.
The moon
won’t use the door, only the window.

– Rumi

***Happy new moon. I’m working with the Crow Moon again.