I’m Sheila


Cowboy boots. Sunglasses. Paint. Glue. Scissors.

Books with paper pages. Bullet-proof lattes. Poetry. Feathers.

Homeschooling. Spiritual Direction. Art journalling. Truth telling.IMG_9025_2

16 thoughts on “I’m Sheila

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    • I found that on the street when I was in Wyoming. I almost didn’t take a photo, but I am so glad I did.

      PS I had SUCH an insight from your last post (the portfolio one). It has nothing to do with portfolios, LOL, but rather our essential nature. Still putting words around it, but thank you for always making me think.

      PPS Does your family watch the NBA? I think of you every time the Cavs play. Go Cleveland!

      • So glad you took the photo! Isn’t it funny how we doubt those little nudges? So cool that you had such an insight; it’s often unrelated! Yes, Go Cavs!!!

  2. Hey Sheila,
    Long-time reader, any chance I could ask you about homeschooling older Waldorf kids in Asheville? Know there are a ton of resources/support for the wee ones, but am concerned about the older. Many thanks!

    • I’m probably the worst person to ask, as we don’t really do anything much in town. Vincent has taken Todd Crowe’s woodworking class for the past 3 or 4 summers. He loves it and is signed up for this year too. I looked at Clint Corley’s Forest Floor programs, but could never commit for various reasons. Both my boys do scouts and that’s about it. I know Septimbor has some offerings over at Sacred Mountain Sanctuary in Candler – but I’m not sure what ages they go up to. Although I think 7th or 8th grade. Have you put the question to the Asheville Steiner/Waldorf Yahoo group? That is probably a better bet than me.
      LMK what you find out though.

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