Art Journal / Dream Board #4


The Full Worm Moon rises tonight. She asks “What dreams are emerging? What is stirring your heart?” My answers boiled down to two things: the West and color. Both are beckoning – big time.

Here’s a perfect poem. I think I have read those lines a hundred times and still love every one of them. Kay Byer – the poet – was on my thesis committee in graduate school. Lucky, lucky, lucky.

Art Journal / Dream Board #2 and #3


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Last month, I started doing monthly dream boards with Jamie Ridler. (You can see my first one here.) The one above shows my interpretation of answering the questions of the Full Wolf Moon: What dreams do you hunger for? What emptiness howls from within?

Jamie has information on the upcoming moon, The Full Snow Moon, which asks “What are your deepest dreams? What is the dream beneath the dream?” My dream board for those questions can be seen below. This feels deliciously complementary to my other creative project I have embarked on this year, Andrea Schroeder’s Creative Dream Circle. Both are stretching me to journal more, collage more and show up more creatively in my inner work practice.


Full Buck Moon Dream Board

Considering we just began a new lunar cycle, I figured I’d better post my dream board from the previous one. Last month I worked with the Full Buck Moon, which asks the question: What are your most powerful dreams? In answering this question, a whole new form came into being. Since last August, I have been creating 2 dream boards every month using manila folders as my substrate. This started to feel a bit thin, unfocused and frankly, boring. I knew I wanted to play with size and focus my intentions into a single collage. I found an old 12×12 scrapbook on my shelf that had brown kraft paper pages – I’m a sucker for brown kraft paper – and I love what emerged. It feels primal, ancient and wild. I only used 4 images and 2 words total, but there is an evocative richness that makes me want to stare at it for hours.

I will, however, admit that I have not stared at this collage for hours. Posting it now makes me look at it for probably the first time since I created it a month ago. Such is the state of my spiritual practice these days, and by extension my blog. I haven’t wanted to post or answer comments or have much to do with this space lately. This summer has been hot and fraught and full of change – both in the microcosm and the macrocosm. Much turmoil, little to show for it . . . much like the world at large, yes? I know my spiritual practice (and my blog) anchors me and guides me through these times, and yet, I neglect it exactly when I need it most.

And here’s the kicker: Next week finds me teaching a workshop on creative spiritual practice at Taproot. Oh the irony! The one speck of grace feels like simply allowing myself to assume the posture of teaching what I most need to learn. At least, that’s what I’m telling myself. I truly hope you are well, enjoying summer (or winter for you Cathy!!) and find yourself surrounded by what you need most. xoS

Full Horse Moon Dream Board

The energy of this lunar cycle felt excessive and overwhelming to me. I don’t know if it was the power play of the full moon coupled with the summer solstice, but I have been one big cranky pants this week. I cleaned house (not literally, ahem) but figuratively: unsubscribing from a bunch of free online summits (I am such a sucker for those!), letting go of some new and shiny distractions and trying to just get to ground . . . which is what this dream board told me to do two weeks ago. I worked with the full Horse Moon (thanks Barbara!!) and focused on the ideas of power, travel and freedom. The last time I worked with horses in an intentional way was a couple of years ago when I went to Wyoming. (Remember these beauties?) Now that I think about it, they sure stirred things up in my little world back then. Feels like I’m in for more of the same this summer.

***Wow. Re-reading those old posts makes me aware of themes and similarities I had not seen before. I know not a lot of people blog this way anymore – using wordpress as an online journal – but I feel so lucky to have this space to look back and discover a taste of the familiar in this uncertain and disconcerting present. Thanks for coming along for the ride.