Little Altars Everywhere


Woman, you are too awake to play tame now.

You are expanding wildly within and your powerful ripple is causing havoc around you.
Your change has been noticed and causing distress for some.
Chaos is inevitable now you are shifting into your true being

It’s up to you: Will you choose the chaos or will the chaos choose you?
Both have the same outcome.
To drop you into BEing.
In alignment of you.

Will it be a fight for things to stay the same and draining you of your life force?
Or will it be uncomfortably surrendering into the liberating change the Universe is conspiring to create for you?

Slowly but surely the drums that are playing in your soul will tremble loose everything that no longer honours your highest truth.

You choose this path.
Walk it speaking your own voice
Radiantly dance into the night

Woman you are too awake.
Face your boundlessness and roam free.

Sharona Lautoe, “Chaos Ripples”

6 thoughts on “Little Altars Everywhere

    • That wasn’t supposed to post until Sunday. Feels a little like emotional whiplash on the heels of the poem that posted the day before. I heard the “chaos” poem this weekend and loved it, but I can’t say I am in that space at the moment. Chaos yes, but not feeling the energy as positive more disorienting and scary.

      Honestly this transition is kicking my ass.

      That’s the truth, dear Cathy.
      Hope you are well


  1. That’s interesting that you accidentally published it. It really spoke to me when I read it, like a personal message meant for me.

    For me, the poem you posted first represents how I want to be, where this poem is more my reality right now. Despite all the inner work I did in my mid 20s-mid 30s, I find myself once again on my knees, as if I had never spent a decade of my life focused almost entirely on my own self-development. Then motherhood came along and took me somewhere else and now I wonder, how did I get here? I feel like a cliche! So chaos and disorientation and feeling my struggle drain my life force is where I am at right now. I am having my ass kicked too.

    My word of the year was “Trust” and it seems this year is really making me face the fact that I find that really hard. It’s as if my ego is going down kicking and screaming and saying “I’ll teach you who runs this show!” As this year comes to an end, I’m trying to figure out if there is a safe word that will just bring me some rest and relaxation ‘cos if I know one thing for sure, picking the word Relax is probably just going to show up as a ton of things that push my buttons and show me how I am anything but relaxed!!!

    I’ve been having craniosacral therapy. It’s wonderful.

    • Been thinking a lot about this – especially the concept of a “safe word”. My word was “feminine” this year and I’ve come across it obliquely, cyclically all year long – such a different experience from my other words. I keep coming back to the question “what is this trying to teach me?” Do we ever know in real time? I don’t know, but I know I want to!! Lol.

  2. Yes!!! It’s certainly not been my experience to know in real time. Sometimes I think I know Lol, but it usually takes a lot of time and some distance – acceptance really – to truly see it.
    I was listening to a talk online by Michael Bernard Beckwith and one of the things he said really struck me:
    “If this experience were to last forever, what quality would I have to have in order to have some semblance of peace?”
    He said that if you search for this quality (self compassion? forgiveness? etc.) rather than trying to get rid of whatever your personal darkness is, then resistance begins to dissolve.
    Finding acceptance for “what is” is not a new idea for me, but just focusing on that one thing, working on that one quality I don’t know that I’ve done that before. Instead I was trying to fix my pain or fear by this doing this method or that workshop or in therapy completely unpacking all my feelings, to understand where it all came from in my childhood or my relationship with my mother etc etc etc. All of which do work but it takes such a long time and you still get the next layer of the onion later.
    In a way, that’s what my word of the year has been, but I’ve kind of “thrown it out there” in a fairly gung-ho, unconscious fashion, rather than thinking, yes, this is what I’m going to focus on this year. This is what I’m working on in myself, and then having some kind of practice in order to do that. Does that make sense? So I put it out there and was kind of forced to work on it rather than doing it in a deliberate way.
    This word of the year business certainly makes me see how the things we say really do have consequences. Our intentions, our words etc etc, we have to choose carefully, be very clear about what we want, because we really will get what we ask for. We live in such interesting times…..people writing stuff online without inhibition, putting it out there……very interesting.

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