8 thoughts on “Images from Taproot

  1. I would love to hear more about your inner work session. I seem to be struggling in that area lately. I feel like I can’t settle into a daily rhythm surrounding it. Any suggestions?

  2. Such a joy to have you at Taproot, Sheila. And your inner work process is magical. Burning what we want to let go of on that last day has left me feeling lighter and more connected to what it is I want to keep! Thank you.

    • It was a joy to be there!

      And yes, that process is magical. It is an honor to hold space for it and witness what happens.

      I thought about a nuance to that burning release ritual. I do want to let go of all that stuff, but not in a sense of erasing a part of myself (like maybe, ahem, the controlling part). But I more want to release my attachment to control and the part of myself that doesn’t know who she is without that control. Huge inner shift.


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