Sunday Selections


the way loss seeps
into neck hollows
and curls at temples
sits between front teeth
empty and waiting
for mourning to open
the way mourning stays
forever shadowing vision
shaping lives with memory
a drawer won’t close
sleep elusive
smile illusive
the only real is grief
forever counting the days
minutes missing without knowing
so that one day
you find yourself
showering tears
missing that love
like sugar
aches teeth

– Suheir Hammad, “the missing”

6 thoughts on “Sunday Selections

  1. Oh, Sheila, that touches my heart — pierces my heart — as you well know. Amy’s presence has never left … sometimes I feel it more than others, but when her children are with me sometimes, I swear, her lover is almost tangible. . . xo

  2. Sheila you are so beautiful, kind, wise and clever! I love what you choose to share. We would not feel the great sadness if we did not love so much. I would not give up any of my love for any friend or family to avoid the sadness and heartache. Hugs.

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