Full Snow Moon Dream Board

   I love these two spreads. Absolutely adore them. They feel like bold answers to the question this moon asks: What dreams lie hidden deep within? Actually I did this exercise twice – once with two dear friends (you can see that board here) and once by myself. I found it very interesting to see a black-clad, badass vixen appear in both boards. In the first board she emerged as “the explorer queen” whose message was “Just you and me. No itinerary, no notice. Just so alive.” In this board, her request was to explore “the depths of the heart.” So I’m guessing exploration is in my future . . . good thing I have a kickin’ pair of black Harley-Davidson boots in my closet. Looks like I’m gonna need them.

4 thoughts on “Full Snow Moon Dream Board

    • Sheila, you inspire me! You are truly an old soul… I miss you! And I think of you often … so, now I will let you know – so you never forget – that the gifts and trinkets that you have made me over the years surround me every day. I treasure all those unique bits and pieces you have created for me, and I want you to know that you are very much appreciated in your thoughtfulness and love. I love you lots and lots … xo
      P.S. It’s February 25… where’s my gift?? LOL

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