1000 + 100 = Right Now


One photo plus 100 words tells you where I find myself right now. Inspired by Susannah. Wishing you a warm embrace, wherever you find yourself right now. xoS


Synchronicity. Trust. Curiosity. Dropping artifice. Embracing authenticity. Stepping into the void. Exploring the edges. Music! Winter – finally. Returning to the body again and again. Blonde Whiskey – oh. my. stars. – it’s good. Just realized, on Saturday, I will be married for exactly half my life: 23 years. Reacquainting myself with paint; it’s been awhile. Feeling the January overwhelm. Clutter. Need to pare down everything. Essentials. Felicity. Why I Wake Early. Adele 25. Spotify. Saying no. Saying yes. Questioning my ability to hold the fullness of my life. Daring myself to extend my grasp and stretch a bit more. Expansion. Back to the circle.

3 thoughts on “1000 + 100 = Right Now

      • Whoops. Thought you were commenting on the snowy hay bale. This one was taken at Kanuga at my last intensive. We heard a great talk on the spiritual art of seeing and then got sent out with our cameras. I haven’t taken a selfie in quite awhile. They are still hard!

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