Retreat Day – Join Me!


If you are in the Asheville-area, please consider joining me for a day of quiet reflection and creative play. Regular readers of this blog know words and images help me navigate my days. I will be bringing together these two elements along with some quiet reflection that will invite you to listen closely to your inner rhythms and creative desires.

Our time together will center around creating a collage or visual altar – I love that so much more than vision board! We will not be focused on making a pretty picture, but rather combining images that will help us to begin the new year with a sense of mindfulness. If you are new to art in general or collage in specific, I encourage you to approach this invitation with a gentle heart and an open mind. The supplies are very simple: magazines and glue sticks. There really is no way to get this wrong! After assembling your chosen images, we will view them symbolically and ask the question: What is my intuition saying to me? Beginning such a conversation with curiosity and kindness, and without expectation or judgement, allows us to listen to what we really want and what we really need moving forward into 2016.


  • When: Saturday, January 23, 2016 9:30am – 2:30pm
  • Where: Center for Art and Spirit, located at St. George Episcopal Church, 1 School Road, West Asheville
  • Cost: $25 includes yummy snacks and art supplies
  • What to bring: Brown bag lunch (there are kitchen facilities), a journal (pen and paper is fine), scissors. Optional: a glue stick and any magazines destined for the recycling bin.
  • Registration: Secure your space by emailing me (slpetruccelli at charter dot net). You can pay beforehand with paypal, or with cash or check on the day of the event.

If you need to exhale after the holidays, if you want to work with intentions rather than resolutions, if you simply crave a few hours of quiet with absolutely zero expectations, jump in! The spirit of this day promises to be safe, gentle and playful. Any questions? Send me an email: slpetruccelli at charter dot net.

7 thoughts on “Retreat Day – Join Me!

  1. Ok, yes for round two in February! AND, I’m going to put January 23 on my calendar and join you virtually!!! Sounds so lovely, Sheila. And I just know that those who join you will have an amazing experience.

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