1000 + 100 = right now


One photo plus 100 words tells you where I find myself right now. Inspired by Susannah. Wishing you gentle presence, wherever you find yourself right now. xoS


Old friends. Remembering. Reconnecting. Taking baby steps boldly. The chai at Dobra Tea House. Birthday preparations. When the Heart Waits. The Power of Myth. Tiny collages every morning. Asking where is the holy in this moment. Holding space for what arises. Frost. Fog. Warm December sunshine. Letting myself feel uncomfortable and observing that with a gentle curiosity. Acupuncture? Mice – everywhere. Needing. Asking. Receiving. Accepting. (Wondering why this is so hard?!?) Falling deeper in love with circles, if that is even possible. Noting the absence of feathers in the fields. Arrows. Ashes. Wondering what will emerge from the darkness of this season.

One thought on “1000 + 100 = right now

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