Links and Other Thinks: Fall 2015


Live Brave with Brene!

Hali’s new e-course “Art Heals Art Reveals” is free and looks fantastic. (Actually it is fantastic. I started it yesterday.)

A plan for teenage skin care.

Beautiful Feet Books

Read Aloud Revival has made for some great conversations with Alison lately.

Inner Work as explained by Andrea.

Flora Bowley’s Studio Diaries looks interesting – both content and concept.

Dani Shapiro on what memoir is and isn’t. (How have I never heard of her before? So much catching up to do. Beginning with this.)

This podcast with Danielle LaPorte and Linda Sivertsen is great listening. (And how I learned about Dani Shapiro.)

Excited to explore these free resources from Connie Solera. And this post by her has continued to make me think for weeks – because it seems everyone has an empire these days or wants an empire these days. (Again, more great conversations with Alison.)

Mark Nepo has a new book. Looks like something I want to read sometime in the future.

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