Full Hunter’s Moon

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I don’t really know what I can say to add to these images. Somehow – every single month – these dream boards capture my interior landscape, but this month feels especially insightful. I would use the word exposed or naked, except they feel even more stripped down than that. I see contradiction, balance, predator, prey, wombs and so many signs of transformation. This time of year always feels particularly electric, when the veil is thin and the threshold beckons. I’m trying to step lightly yet boldly, and hope to “greet [my]self arriving at [my] own door.”


This bundle sale popped up today and I’m acting on it. Ever since Jen Louden floated the phrase “creative radiance”, I have been intrigued. I participated in her Summer Oasis and gained so much clarity from the gentle guided meditations and expansive journalling prompts. Plus there are offerings from other luminaries such as Christine Paintner, Danielle LaPorte, Brian Andreas and Julie Daley among many others. I think this will be a perfect way to guide me as I close out the year. (Oh, and do I even need to say it? No affiliation whatsoever. Really, anytime you see a link on this site, it is just information. I have long given up the pipe dream of turning my blog into an empire. LOL)

Sending you love in the creatively radiant moonlight. xoS

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2 thoughts on “Full Hunter’s Moon

  1. Thanks for posting your personal dream board. I need to get different magazines, because I tend to get distracted with the information. I want the images and text, but the advertising bothers me sometimes. I also get overwhelmed with the amount of people offering wonderful courses. I need to set a budget for it. I am trying hard to taking some morning time to journal and create, I find that I get lost in the day with homeschooling. Thanks for the reminder of how important it is to know ourselves.

  2. Hey Blythe,

    I find I do the best with magazines that I would never read. I’m not distracted by the text and I can just flip through quickly and see what images catch my eye. I’m kind of a magpie at the library, as there are always free stacks of magazines that I just cannot walk passed.

    Morning is my time – sometimes I catch 30 minutes in the afternoon and rarely anything at night – I’m just too tired. I have the best luck with e-courses that utilize a variety of teachers. I’m thinking most especially of “Spectrum” that I did this year. http://www.halikarla.com/spectrum/spectrum-2015/ It let me test drive a lot of people and styles for a reasonable investment.

    I really look at the money as an investment in my sanity. I’m not even kidding. Getting out to take a class is the real world is rare for me, so this lets me indulge my creativity and keep things fresh and inspired. Plus there is something about the privacy of an e-course. No pressure to share while I am creating lets me be more bold than if I feel someone looking over my shoulder.

    Hope you are well.

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