Simple Homeschool!


If you are visiting from Simple Homeschool, welcome. The post I wrote over there is really a condensed version of what I affectionately call my homeschooling breakdown/breakthrough. If you would like to know the whole story, start here. If you like what you see, consider subscribing to my blog. You can expect posts about art journalling, poetry and trying to navigate this thing called life with a contemplative heart and a sense of humor. Thanks for stopping by and Happy Friday!! xoSheila

5 thoughts on “Simple Homeschool!

  1. Joining from Simple Homeschool… I am going to go back and read the full story but I just had to say “thank you!!” . I have these problems , but none of your solutions! You are brilliant. Thank you for being honest and vulnerable and willing to help others ( like me!!!)find hope..

    • Let me reassure you, I am NOT brilliant. Retrospect is such a lovely force in our lives. I think talking about these things – that we all go through at some point or another – is the key.

      Wishing you clarity.
      Today and always.

  2. Hey Sheila, I left you a comment on your piece over at Simple Homeschool. It reads like you’ve got a lot a more comfortable around what happened. Homeschooling is such a tricky thing to figure out. Everything constantly changing and never enough hours in the day. It is a lesson in really figuring out your truth and being in alignment with that I think. Have you seen Julie Bogart’s webinar replay on “Unschooling undefined?” it’s here:
    Love to you all,

    • Thanks for the link. I will listen to it.

      And don’t believe everything you read on the internet, LOL. I don’t know if I am more comfortable or just used to being in a constant state of transition. We had two good days this week and then today . . . ay yi yi. We seem to have made a new plan for science and we’ll see how it goes. YES!! it is a tricky thing to figure out

      Truth and alignment.

      Amen, sister.


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