Full Corn/Blood/Harvest Total Eclipse of the Heart Moon



I caught only the slightest and cloudiest glimpse of this Super Moon and had no answer to her question: What dreams do you wish to bring to fruition? Actually, that is not true. I have a list of dreams I long to bring to fruition, however I am feeling intensely unsettled in so many of these areas that the tension between the question’s impulse of completion and my inability to act in any concrete way about brought me to my knees this past week. I do love these two dream boards though, and have abandoned the companion written journaling that I used to do with them. I’m letting the images alone speak for me and to me, and I’m not worrying about words. I also love the fact that I am continuing with the journal form I started last month. Thank you to Jamie Ridler for introducing me to this practice – it’s so, so good.


I’m off to see Brene Brown with my mom today. It’s her birthday – my mom’s, not Brene’s. Have you seen her new book? Wow! I still remember walking along the beach listening to this podcast and thinking “This changes everything.” A year and a half later, I have read everything she has written, taken her “O” course and listened to a huge chunk of what she has recorded and I can say the same thing about her current book: This changes everything. If you haven’t heard her interview with Elizabeth Gilbert, take 30 minutes today and listen. It might just change everything.

Big love from the soggy mountains of western North Carolina. xoS

IMG_0006 IMG_0009

11 thoughts on “Full Corn/Blood/Harvest Total Eclipse of the Heart Moon

  1. True story — when I heard about all the moons — full moon, blue moon, supermoon, blood moon and harvest moon, plus a lunar eclipse, I could not stop singing Total Eclipse of the Heart for days. ;)

  2. Wow, Sheila…I just finished listening to the podcast. I could say that I knew all that because of course we all do, but I really, really need to be reminded of it regularly. I did not know Brene Brown’s work, but I will look into it now for sure. What really struck me was when she spoke about men and women and how hard it is to sit with each other and give space to the feelings of fear and shame. Intimacy, the thing we all crave, yet it scares the crap out of us.
    Actually, there was a LOT that resonated with me!
    Thank you!

  3. Happy birthday to your mom! I saw/heard Brene Brown speak to parents on the topic of shame at my son’s high school years ago. It was revolutionary for me. I know you will have a wonderful time.


      Holy cow – she was awesome.
      My mom had a great birthday and I was so happy to spend so much time with her yesterday.

      I know that lecture all those years ago changed your life. It is amazing our impact on each other when we speak with our whole hearts.

      Love to you!!

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