More Art Journaling

I read somewhere that Mercury is currently in retrograde and maybe that explains the craziness of late. Not sure, but the only place I am finding a shred of inner quiet these past couple of days is with paint and chalk and glue. Wishing you the holy stillness of first light. xoS


The Holy Well


The Holy Well (detail)

Angel of Doubt (full text below)

Angel of Doubt 

There is always that edge of doubt.
Trust it, that’s where the new things come from.
If you can’t live with it, get out,
Because when it’s gone, you’re on Automatic,
Repeating something you’ve learned.
Let your prayer be:
Save me from that tempting certainty that
Leads me back from the Edge,
That dark edge where the first light breaks.

– Alfred Huffstickler, “The Edge of Doubt”

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