Sunday Selections


Have you considered the possibility
that everything you believe is wrong,
not merely off a bit, but totally wrong,
nothing like things as they really are?
If you’ve done this, you know how durably fragile
those phantoms we hold in our heads are,
those wisps of thought that people die and kill for,
betray lovers for, give up lifelong friendships for.
If you’ve not done this, you probably don’t understand this poem,
or think it’s not even a poem, but a bit of opaque nonsense,
occupying too much of your day’s time,
so you probably should stop reading it here, now.
But if you’ve arrived at this line,
maybe, just maybe, you’re open to that possibility,
the possibility of being absolutely completely wrong,
about everything that matters.
How different the world seems then:
everyone who was your enemy is your friend,
everything you hated, you now love,
and everything you love slips through your fingers like sand.

  • Federico Moramarco, “One Hundred and Eighty Degrees”

10 thoughts on “Sunday Selections

  1. In)Everything you love
    Slips through your fingers like sand.

    I used to think the alternative was: stop loving.

    Now, at least some part of me understands:

    No longer struggling for control,
    we discover life to be
    An ever-flowing River.

    (From ch 81 Tao trans Wm Mart

    • Have you read Brene’s new book? It is fabulous – in an ass-kicking kinda way. There is this part where she breaks down the stories we tell ourselves – and how to begin to get a handle on what we believe (but that which may NOT be true). You say, “the story I’m making up in my head goes like this . . . ” And you reality check it against the person or situation you have built it around.

      It is has rocked my world. I used it yesterday in a situation where I could not let go of my interpretation of how a certain gathering of friends was received. When I could distill my feelings down and own them, I texted my friend. I was afraid she wasn’t heard and that we let her down. This was not how she saw it at all. So even though I still didn’t LOVE how our gathering went, I could stop mind-fucking myself over how my friend saw it. Own my own shit – leave the rest.

      The work I need to do in this lifetime boggles the brain.

      Hope you are well.

      Need to write/talk to you in person.
      “Good Day” is our official theme song.
      YOU ROCK!!!

      All the love in this holy, holy world – from me to you.

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