Links and Other Thinks


Loving Danielle LaPorte: especially her book, The Desire Map and her #truthbomb app.

Tenderly exploring this church.

Absolutely juiced about Brave Girl University.

Andrea has a new cd. It’s fantastic: sultry and sexy, transporting and transformative. Expect to hear more about it, but if you want to know what she had to silence in order to sing like that, read this back post. (Oh and here is a free sample. And to think she used to sing on my answering machine in grad school! Those were the days.)

Guess who won Best Graphic Design in western North Carolina? Yup. Tom and crew! (It’s practically like living with a celebrity.)

My new favorite line of greeting cards. Laugh out loud funny. (I found them “locally” here.)

Going to see Brene Brown in Charlotte and Elizabeth Gilbert in Asheville. I have been anticipating their new books for months!!

This post and this one from Melissa Wiley were inspirational at a core level for me homeschooling-wise. It is a place I want to move toward and a philosophy I want to own in my bones.

My boys are loving Warfare by Duct Tape.

Enjoying these free calls with Jennifer Louden. They are a relaxing blend of guided mediation and journalling prompts that translate into real-life change. If you sign up, you will have access to the previous two recordings and also be able to participate live in the final one which is August 28.

The free Woman Unleashed Retreat starts this week. Looks interesting.

This article by Parker Palmer.

Susannah Conway gives an amazing interview about journalling and creativity. And have you seen her new website? Oh my stars. It’s gorgeous.

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