Painting Like a Madwoman


I have a couple of big posts brewing in my brain, but I don’t have it all worked out yet. While I wait for the words, I have been painting like a madwoman. Actually, this has been going on for a couple of months now. I can’t get enough color! I’m trying not to direct this process, but rather just letting myself sink in and explore my word of the year in a whole new medium.


I have been wanting to take Kelly Rae Roberts’s painting e-course since it came out last year, but for one reason or another, I haven’t. I’m glad I waited. She is currently offering an unbelievable bundle sale. You can check it out here. (No affiliation – just spreading the word.)


Hope midsummer is treating you kindly. xoS

11 thoughts on “Painting Like a Madwoman

    • I have one goal with painting: don’t make brown! LOL but that is the truth.

      That middle one has such a story behind it that I will have to tell you in person at some point. But suffice to say, the woman who gave me that phrase was talking about not keeping anything: art supplies, books, love, kindness. She had such a zeal for giving as a spiritual imperative. Reminded of the Celtic impulse of radical hospitality.

      That notion has freed me in so many little ways. Like why the heck am I “saving” the pretty paper or the good paints?!? Give it all away – even if it is just giving it to yourself.

      So much to learn. So much to learn.


  1. That is so funny…I have been realizing the same. There is a neighborhood girl who comes over twice a week to do art with Jessie and I…finally using so many things that I was storing for what reason? Don’t know. Also, I am having a mom’s craft night next month. Something I have wanted to do for so long but have been too afraid no one would want to. The idea is that everyone states one talent they have craft/art-wise and one thing they would like to learn. I have gotten so many responses! I am going to pull out every single supply and share them all. I love you!

      • It is hard to go into something without any expectations. Learning to let go of expections is a really deep and powerful thing. Good for you! I’m always working on that one myself…it’s hard.

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