Post 500!!!! Full Strawberry Moon


The Full Strawberry Moon rises tonight and asks “What dreams would delight you?” and “What delights do you dream of?” Meditating on the word ‘delight’ brings me a sense of joy-filled lightness – the antithesis of the feeling in my chest most days. This has been a bugger of a month. Fear has come up for me in spades. And right on the heels of all that fear is protection: I want to pile on the emotional armor like nobody’s business. In order to compensate for this (understandable) reaction, I am dreaming of a stripped down state of fearlessness. Letting go of everything I can and delighting in what remains.

When I went to photograph this collage this morning, I was surprised by its sparseness – especially compared to its predecessors in this process. I questioned if I was actually finished or if I had simply stopped. It feels finished to me: a few inspirational words, lots of paintbrushes, a bit of nature and some splotches of soothing colors. Delightful. Yes. And that’s what I need right now. xoS

11 thoughts on “Post 500!!!! Full Strawberry Moon

    • Hey Miss Emmie!
      I didn’t get to see the moon last night – cloudy and rainy in this part of the state. But I did see the first lightning bugs! Just as magical.

      Yeah, this month has sucked pretty bad. But I am finding so much laughter and support in friends who are outside the direct situation. Trying to hold the joy and the sorrow. You know?

      Yes. You do know.


  1. Congrats, Sheila. I’ve enjoyed reading all 500. Here’s to the next 500 (no pressure ;-)). Cathy x

    ps – One of my dear friends was diagnosed with cancer a few years ago (she is in remission now, I’m happy to add). It really threw me and it was hard to talk about what I was going through because that seemed selfish to me when I (inevitably) compared it to what she had to deal with. But those feelings are still valid…anyway, just wanted to say I’m thinking of you.

    • Sign me up! I had a breakthrough (as opposed to a breakdown, LOL) and realized I want to start blogging about homeschooling again. I was asked to guest blog in a couple of places and it reframed my thinking. So look for that in the near future.

      And yes, it does seems selfish. I know what you mean. But it doesn’t dim the reality that we are all experiencing so many feelings. Giving voice to them is so important.

      Cancer is a bitch.


      • I look forward to that. I’m having such a strange year this year. Just for fun I did one of those multiple choice “What kind of homeschooler are you?” quizzes online and it turns out my values and beliefs about education fit more with unschooling than Waldorf!

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