Birds of Trust: Healing


Every morning I light a candle – I have for years now – to hold the space during my morning time. Along with my coffee and my journal, I have added a word of intention in the shape of a bird to the table. One word feels small enough to handle, and yet spacious enough to breathe. Somehow, color and shape, pattern and texture ease my mind and focus my thoughts. Just one word. That’s all.


I had been thinking a lot about healing, even before my friend’s phone call, thanks to these creative chats with Hali Karla. The conversations are short – most are only about 20 minutes long – but they convey an intimacy and an immediacy that I find incredibly grounding right now. Hali ends every one with the same question: “How do you define ‘healing’ today?” Many of the answers have stayed with me – lots of them are scrawled on the surface of my art table. But even more than the answers, the question has stayed with me, lingering in my consciousness, asking me again and again to define healing. Just for today. That’s all.


Healing is the ability to feel peace in a situation that does not have closure. –Jessica Brogan

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