Sunday Selections


What if the heart cracks like a seed, 
needing to be opened to grow? Then 
how do we understand what comes 
pouring out? Does pain turn into a 
small root? Does grief if watered start 
to break ground? It does no good to tell 
someone broken that they will become a 
flower. No one believes this while lost in 
the dark, anymore than creatures of the 
night can believe that there’s a festival 
of life making up the day. But this is 
the work of faith, the faith that moves 
like song and blood beneath our wounds: 
to believe that we are more than what is 
done to us. It’s true. I’ve lost everything 
more than once, each a devastation. Yet 
each in time grew me into who I was to 
be. I can’t explain or offer conclusions. 
Just know that we’re surprised into being. 
Like divers who open the treasure just 
as they’re running out of air, we’re 
forced to let go of what we want 
in order to live another day.

– Mark Nepo, “The Festival of Life”

2 thoughts on “Sunday Selections

  1. “Faith is the (sometimes painful) breaking open of the shell that includes our understanding”…a quote that I keep in my little quote book. I’d have to check to remember who said it. Your post immediately made me think of it.

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