Have you ever been obsessed? Utterly consumed by something that seems to be surrounding you on all sides? And yet you have no idea how it all started? That is where I find myself with mandalas at the moment. The first time I ever remember working with them was during our study of India, two years ago. Vincent and I colored printouts as part of his main lesson work. He named this as one of the best lessons of fifth grade, but I don’t remember it being anything special.


Fast forward to December 2014, and I am working on Susannah Conway’s Unravelling Journal. The cover incorporates a mandala design and I decided to get out my colored pencils one night and brighten things up a little. I have always loved to color – coloring books and crayons being one of my favorite things as a child – and sitting at my kitchen table brought this memory back to me. It was a soothing, undemanding form of creativity and I knew I needed more of it. Coloring somehow led to drawing, which has never, ever been a part of my journey as an artist, and yet March found me drawing mandalas daily. Andrea Schroeder’s Creative Dream Circle gave me a wonderful foundation with detailed instruction on drawing mandalas, coloring mandalas and this mandala blog hop.  IMG_0582

Currently I am taking Heather Plett’s 30-Day Mandala Discovery. Oh. My. Stars. Day One has rocked my little artistic world over here. Look for photos and reflections from this exploration throughout April.

9 thoughts on “Mandalas

  1. I’m so happy to be joining you in this Mandala Discovery journey! Day one rocked for sure, and I’m going to be sharing some on my blog, too! A soothing and undemanding form of creativity – definitely need more of that. Reminds me of form drawing, doodling, meditation, zentangle, geometric drawing and coloring all rolled into one. Thanks for inviting me to join you in this!

  2. I wish I still had Suzanne Finchers mandala book so I could send it to you! I love mandalas! At ECU a couple of years ago the Tibetan monks created public sand mandalas. I didn’t get to go but I heard it was incredible.

    • I think I took that out of the library. I’m actually trying not to read too much about mandalas. I’m trying to keep the channels open and look with fresh eyes. So many many insights.

      My spiritual director gently encouraged me to pursue mandalas the last time I saw her. My oh-so-wise response? “I don’t draw.” That was about five weeks ago. Transformation on a grand scale. I see her Saturday and can’t wait to parse all of it.

  3. Funny, this has come up from y’all. Lately, I have been coloring mandalas for relaxation. I have a great mandala coloring book and am really getting into color. Then, there is drawing them! Like minds?

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