I’m back from my first intensive; it was everything I hoped for and more. At the closing, we were asked to share what we learned and I said, “I now know, for sure, I am in exactly the right place.” So much of this knowing came from the people I met – people I feel so blessed to journey with over the next two years. Part of it was the decision to stay close to home and not have to travel. Another huge chunk was the integration of creativity throughout our time: music, poetry, dancing and perhaps the crown jewel for me, the availability of a well-stocked art studio that was always open. What can I say? Just give me a pile of magazines, a glue stick and some scissors and I’m happy. LOL The collages in this post were all made while I was away. Lately, I had been feeling a bit flat in this medium, but I now feel re-inspired in a big way. What a gift.

I’m still processing the many insights, integrating the various connections and catching up on my sleep, but I just wanted to check in here and say thank you for keeping me in your thoughts. Your comments, texts and emails meant more than you could ever know. xoS

IMG_9691 IMG_9695 IMG_9690 IMG_9689

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