Taproot: Texas Style


I have written quite a bit about Taproot – Barbara Dewey’s teacher training for Waldorf-inspired homeschoolers. Two summers ago, a bunch of us were sitting around (sweating, I’m sure) and cooked up a crazy idea: why not get together in the winter? Last year this happened at my house and it was so wonderful, it made my Game Changers for 2014. This year, we all met in Austin, Texas.

Our time together was restorative – body and soul. In addition to all the talking, talking, talking and eating, eating, eating, we attended a lovely yoga class – complete with Tibetan bowls and and a huge metal gong. Yoga is way out of my comfort zone and I knew I was bringing a lot of resistance to the mat. When the teacher (Everrit Allen – total dream boat!) asked us to make an intention for our practice, mine was “Wide open.” It is amazing what happens when we greet the unknown with curiosity and love. Things change. We change.

Taproot promises to be a lot different this year. Look for details soon on Jean’s blog.


4 thoughts on “Taproot: Texas Style

  1. You are such an inspiration! You live life so fully and with such intention. I’ve heard Austin is wonderful.

    • Josie!! Love hearing from you today. I’m actually doing an Enneagram panel with Sandra later at our local bookstore.

      Thank you for your kind words. You probably have a skewed view of me – as Wyoming definitely put me on a fast track to where I am finding myself now.

      Honestly, I feel like a bit of a hack in this space lately. I had this post waiting in my queue and MADE myself finish it and post it. Hopefully, I will find my groove here again soon.

      Hope you are well. Please send my regards to Peggy.

      Love and light.
      Today and always.

  2. You’re no hack, my dear! It’s all real. And I see Taproot as a starting point for journeying forward. But I’ll tell you, I just want to do yoga with Everitt every day!

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