Sunday Selections


The time has come
To stop allowing the clutter
To clutter my mind
Like dirty snow,
Shove it off and find
Clear time, clear water.

Time for a change,
Let silence in like a cat
Who has sat at my door
Neither wild nor strange
Hoping for food from my store
And shivering on the mat.

Let silence in.
She will rarely speak or mew,
She will sleep on my bed
And all I have ever been
Either false or true
Will live again in my head.

For it is now or not
As old age silts the stream,
To shove away the clutter,
To untie every knot,
To take the time to dream,
To come back to still water.

– May Sarton, “New Year Resolve”

7 thoughts on “Sunday Selections

  1. Love the photo & the poem!
    I think I recognize that angel;)

    It’s time! Here’s to finding clear time and silence for transformation!

    • I love the photo and the poem too!

      So I chose this poem on Friday – I just loved it. On Saturday, I was at my new spiritual director’s. We began with silence and the wind chimes were the only sound. Reminded me so much of Everitt and the Tibetan bowls. I told her about the class and the sounds and the incredible release and restoration I experienced. Then her cat crawled up in my lap and just reveled and purred and loved on me. We were both silence and I just sank into the silence and the experience of it. Obviously, made me immediately think of this poem, but more than that, I thought about the interplay of sound and silence, animals and people, soul and soul. Rich.

      Since I came home from the session, I have been reflected on what makes SD different than coaching. Lots to say. Probably best for a conversation, although am thinking of blogging about it.

      Hope you are well.
      Miss you like crazy.

      • Love the photo! An angel from Texas. Let silence in (funny how I posted about Inner Peace today!) I will now think of Everitt whenever I hear he wind chimes on my front porch. Sound and silence is a rhythm – I love that. My cat is sitting on the armchair leaning against me right now. Dog curled up on my feet. “The time has come to stop allowing the clutter to clutter my mind.”

  2. Once again, a very timely sentiment for me. And from my favorite poet of all time, nonetheless. Thanks for walking this journey of life with me, Sheila. And for being so open.

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