Vision Cards

To go with my vision board this year, I also made some vision cards. I made them in conjunction with Jamie Ridler’s excellent little e-course. She begins with a wonderful mediation that helps you define three areas of your life you would like to focus on this year.

First and foremost, I want to bring a bit more attention to the rooms in our house and also the space that surrounds it. Nothing dramatic: paint and fabric will do a whole lot inside and honestly, just picking up outside will do wonders for now! Perhaps we will add some flowers and other plantings in the spring.



Next up is travel. Travel! This one was a surprise for me, considering how I did with leaving for Wyoming! I’m giving myself some grace there as that was multi-layered and super-charged. I have a solo-trip to Texas already planned for next month and we are talking about going out west as a family in early summer.



And lastly, I made a vision card to focus some energy around my art. No surprise there – except I did this card before I officially claimed my word. Putting these images together showed me just how much I wanted to show up in this area of my life this year.



13 thoughts on “Vision Cards

    • I HAVE MISSED YOU!!! I have thought about emailing you a dozen times, but the blogoshpere is so funny. People drop in and out and I always want to honor that. But honestly, you have been on my mind for quite some time.
      Yes, to catching up! Although I don’t think I can fit in a side trip this time. LOL
      xoxox to you, my dear.

  1. Love your vision cards, Sheila! Especially the birds, of course: Come fly with me. Glad to hear of your plan to travel out west (and to Texas!!!) Travelling with kids is always horizon-expanding and such a learning experience for all. Lila is going on a kayaking trip in June so Brian and I are contemplating what we’ll do while she’s away. This homeschooling life with kids is ever-evolving, but it really is about creating sacred space. Thanks for sharing your visioning process here.

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