Vision Board 2015


This is the third vision board I’ve made. I made one last year and another right before I went to Wyoming. I find the process to be an exercise in intention, intuition and clarity. Initially, I began with a pile of magazines from the summer and every page just about “froze me to death” as my neighbors would say. I quickly put those aside in favor of winter issues. I chose the images above more for color and a sense of season more than anything else. As I was starting to assemble my board, I noticed the text on one of the pages:


I have talked about my daily walks countless times in this space. I find walking to be a healing practice that allows me to quiet my mind, open my heart and soothe my soul. And while I don’t feel as though I have arrived at any sort of culmination, 2015 definitely finds me at the beginning of a new path. More on that next week. This week will be all about the art. (Artist, and all that.)

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