The Most Wonderful Time of the Year


We are headed to the beach for my favorite week of the year. For the last four years, we have rented a tiny house on the South Carolina coast the week between Christmas and New Year’s. Although seeing the ocean is a treat any time, the post-holiday lull mixed with the excitement of the new year makes it the most wonderful time of the year. Honestly, we don’t do much. I read the latest installment in my favorite mystery series, make some art and work on my Unravelling workbook. Tom and the boys watch back to back to back college bowl games, play football in the yard and make too many trips to the convenience store. We order pizza. We eat more shrimp than is humanly possible. We take long walks on the beach, window shop on King Street and go to bed very, very early. This time away lets us gently close another year in a manner that is removed, relaxed and reflective. 2014 was full – December, especially. 2015 promises change: some known, some unknown. Pausing at the threshold lets what is truly essential rise and come into the light.

Know that I wish you a few quiet days of your own. I’ll see you back here in the beginning of January. xoS

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