Links and Other Thinks: Holiday Edition


Rustic Snowflakes and Paper Stars: too cute!!

I completed this Devotion Worksheet from Alexandra Franzen. I love her ‘how to introduce yourself to anyone‘ workbook as well.

Meal planning. (It’s a little over the top, but I like the idea of using post-its.)

Totally crushing on Jamie Ridler – especially her dream boards and podcast.

Free art journaling class with Andrea Schroeder.

Printing on waxed paper and then transferring to wood. This changes everything!

My boys love geography and cartography. Keeping this free resource for the long, dark days of February.

Seriously considering doing a sacred reading with Ronna Detrick.

Love washing my face with oil.

2 thoughts on “Links and Other Thinks: Holiday Edition

  1. I was remembering our blog hop with fondness:) Hard to believe that a year has passed! We make those stars every year…In fact hubby promised me tonight he will help me whip out a “batch” and I have new origami paper just for that purpose! Love and huge hugs.

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