Sunday Selections


photo by Andrea Osborne who can sing like an angel

Anyone can sing. You just open your mouth,
and give shape to a sound. Anyone can sing.
What is harder, is to proclaim the soul,
to initiate a wild and necessary deepening:
to give the voice broad, sonorous wings
of solitude, grief, and celebration,
to fill the body with the echoes of voices
lost long ago to bravery, and silence,
to prise the reluctant heart wide open,
to witness defeat, to suffer contempt,
to shrink, lose face, go down in ignominy,
to retreat to the last dark hiding-place
where the tattered remnants of your pride
still gather themselves around your nakedness,
to know these rags as your only protection
and yet still open—to face the possibility
that your innermost core may hold nothing at all,
and to sing from that—to fill the void
with every hurt, every harm, every hard-won joy
that staves off death yet honours its coming,
to sing both full and utterly empty,
alone and conjoined, exiled and at home,
to sing what people feel most keenly
yet never acknowledge until you sing it.
Anyone can sing. Yes. Anyone can sing.

– William Ayot, “Anyone Can Sing”

One thought on “Sunday Selections

  1. oh my, oh my. after forty+ years I recently discovered how much I LOVE singing. not just with my children, or in the shower – but whole-heartedly belting it out with other like-minded folks. i have zero experience, and my voice isn’t great – but boy do i have passion! so a year and half ago a few of us created a community singing circle called Sweet River Rhythms. we meet in the park (sun, wind, rain, or snow), around a fire – and together we share music and melody, laughter and tears. we connect with each other and with our deeper selves. it is nourishment for our souls. when I leave that circle I am transformed. I consider it necessary self care. I know when I need it. and so does my family : ) here’s to changing the world one sweet song at a time.

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