Cup of Kindness


Is your year doing that crazy, frenetic, breakneck sprint to the finish? Mine is. After a day I would rather not repeat, I am slowing down, taking stock and trying to find my center. Again. A couple of things are making this easier. First is my journal. I’m officially hooked. I start most mornings writing while I wait for the coffee to brew and then grab a few moments here and there during the day. It is a practice that is taking hold and I am grateful.

Next is looking at my calendar and seeing what I can cross off. The next six weeks look full – lots of fun for sure, but a little too much for comfort. I’m taking Brene Brown’s advice and canceling what I can, opting for a moment of discomfort rather than a month of resentment. I really, really, really hate going back on word, but I also know my limits. I also know what happens when I continually stretch my limits. It’s not pretty for anyone.

Another little something that is making me happy is prepping my album for the December Daily project with Ali Edwards. I have never done this before, but I’m hoping to harness my journalling habit and write a little something every day. Add a few photos, a little bit of collage and maybe I’ll have a book by new year’s eve.

And now let me tell you the best of all things. I read this chai recipe on Wednesday – and hands down, it was the best thing that happened all day. Oh my. I have made it a dozen times since. Add a heaping spoonful of sweetener to black tea, fresh ginger, water and milk, and you will have found a bit kindness in your cup.

I’m trying to be kind (or at least kinder) to myself this holiday season. Will you join me?

6 thoughts on “Cup of Kindness

  1. Yes! Yes I will :) I seem to be feel rather reflective-y right now, and I am just not up for making Pinterest-inspired holiday wreaths out of my recycling. Thank you for all of the good suggestions. I hope you are well, my friend!

  2. I used to be a journal writer. All through high school and into my early twenties (when it morphed into a travel diary) I wrote religiously every day. In fact, I can remember it being the first thing I had to do when I got home from school. I could barely wait to write those words: “Dear Diary….”
    But living with others makes time for such things – and privacy – difficult. Apart from when I was pregnant and had stopped working, I haven’t kept a journal in well over 20 years. Ever since you mentioned this in an earlier post, I have been pondering the idea of starting up again. I think it could help me with so many things. Only this time instead of writing to “Dear Diary” I think I might imagine I am writing to my Higher Self/My Angel/God.
    Thanks for the link to the chai recipe. Think I’ll try that, too.
    Have a lovely weekend, Sheila xoxo Cathy

    • I would encourage you to find the time – and trust me, I know that it is not easy. I cannot believe how illuminating the process is. Giving ourselves a little bit of time and a little bit of space . . a lot happens.

      And the chai . . . I think I dreamed about it last night.

      Love to you Cathy.

  3. I really like the December Daily idea and am planning to put together a few “holiday themed pages for my journal (though it may end up as a separate holiday story journal). I’m so glad you are journalling regularly. It is a wonderful practice for clearing you mind, exploring your cares and wears, letting go and gathering up, centering and discarding unnecessary gunk.

    I saw that chai recipe lately when I was searching online. I like that one, too. But, I’m a fan of the cardamom and cinnamon. Lately, I’ve been using black tea with cinnamon and honey, and of course, a little cream. mmmmmmmm When short for time I go with the Tazo premixed, just add milk. I like it, though some find it too sweet.

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