Links and Other Thinks


Bullet Journaling

DIY Angel Wings – they’re made out of cardboard, but you would never know.

Coughs are our winter nemesis. Rachel has an herbal cough syrup that sounds fantastic.

We are dealing with some tooth decay. Rachel (again) has started an excellent series on holistic dental care.

Great idea for old books. I have always used the covers, but never thought of keeping the binding intact.

Ali Edwards has a bunch of wonderful journaling prompts.

Great inner work collage.

I love Alicia Paulson’s blog for so many reasons. This post is full of great soup suggestions in the comments.

This bread lives up to its name: life changing.

Yummy crackers. Maple Pecan protein bars. Pumpkin coconut fudge.

Heart and Hearth: remembering the sacred in the days leading up to December. (It’s free.)

The Haden Institute hosts a Dream and Spirituality conference every summer. The downloads from the past few years are available for free here.

Christine Valters Paintner and Ronna Detrick have been lights along my path this month: leading me forward with their kindred spirits and familiar voices.

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