Shout Out: Eurythmy in Asheville

Spiritual Perspectives on Life before Birth and Life after Death
A weekend workshop with Eurythmy, Study and Conversation
With Cynthia Hoven
November 7-8, 2014
As the days grow short and the nights grow long, we feel drawn to consider the mysteries of death and dying. Rudolf Steiner, through his profound insights into the reality of the spiritual world has given detailed descriptions of how we have descended from the spiritual world before birth, clothe ourselves in matter during our life on earth, and pass again into spirit realms after we die. Our journeys before and after our earth life pass through the realms of the planets and the constellations, home to spiritual beings more lofty than we.
A courageous study of this journey will help us find perspective for our life on earth, and understanding for how to rightly value our relationship to those who have died before us.
In this workshop, Cynthia will lead us through a study of our journey into, through and out of the realm of earth. In eurythmy, she will teach us through movement and gesture how to understand the mood, color and power of the planets and constellations. These studies will bring new life to any previous understanding you may have had of astrology and the spiritual world.
Please feel free to bring to this workshop any pictures or small mementos you may have to honor those of your family or friends who have crossed the threshold.
This class is appropriate for both beginners and those with previous experience. Students from 16 to 90 are welcome! Wear loose comfortable clothing, and bring the lightest, soft-soled shoes that you have. All movements are done in standing (no floor exercises).
Time: Friday November 7, 7-9pm, Saturday Nov. 8, 9-4pm
Cost: Sliding scale $90-$125. Pre-registration is required.
To Register: Contact Elizabeth at
About Cynthia Hoven
Cynthia has taught Eurythmy to thousands of people over the past 30 years, in college settings, public workshops, retreats, and in private therapeutic sessions. In 2002, she founded the Eurythmy Training at Rudolf Steiner College, a four year, full time professional training, where she served as director and principal instructor for eight years. She is the author of Eurythmy Movements and Meditations: A Journey to the Heart of Language. See her new website

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