Sunday Selections


“How to Listen”

Tilt your head slightly to one side and lift
your eyebrows expectantly. Ask questions.

Delve into the subject at hand or let
things come randomly. Don’t expect answers.

Forget everything you’ve ever done.
Make no comparisons. Simply listen.

Listen with your eyes, as if the story
you are hearing is happening right now.

Listen without blinking, as if a move
might frighten the truth away forever.

Don’t attempt to copy anything down.
Don’t bring a camera or a recorder.

This is your chance to listen carefully.
Your whole life might depend on what you hear.

– Joyce Sutphen

4 thoughts on “Sunday Selections

  1. This is wonderful! Thank you for the reminder to just BE in the moment! It seems to be a collective theme these days. Have you seen Jean’s post yet? Amidst the busyness of Autumn, it’s also a time to slow down, surrender and just be. Very glad for your light on the journey!

  2. Coincidence, or perhaps not! Yes, feeling restless. We’ve begun and all is going as it should and yet…”Be still and know” comes to mind! I just love the last lines: This is your chance to listen carefully; Your whole life might depend on what you hear.” That’s going up on my wall today!

    • Lots of restlessness over here as well. Some of your words from Taproot came to me last week. Crafting a post about them that I hope to get up this week.

      Alison and I spoke briefly yesterday and were wondering how you were feeling. I hope well. (Alison does too, lol.)

      Wishing you a rest-filled Sunday.

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