Links and Other Thinks


Great living book lists.

We currently have afternoon story time almost every day, but I am thinking of adding Poetry Teatime to our week.

Susannah has some lovely words about tattoos. (Still thinking of getting one myself.)

Cynthia Hoven has created a eurythmy website. Check it out. (Plus she is coming to NC in a few weeks to teach two workshops. You know I’ll be there!)

I purchased a membership to Wardeh’s Traditional Cooking School. I hope to learn more about soaking grains, cheese making and sourdough.

Have you seen this post by Carrie? And this one by Mrs. Mallard? Both speak honestly about the demands of homeschooling and the desire to balance the self. I have been struggling with these issues as well and find their words comforting.

Found this treasure trove of Charlotte Mason resources.

I think Ben Hewitt is my new favorite blogger. I love what he has to say, but more than that, I love how he says it.



9 thoughts on “Links and Other Thinks

  1. Sheila, Thank you so much for linking to my post! I didn’t write this in the post, but I had sent an email to Carrie the day before her post published telling her that I was feeling jealous of my time lately. She replied and said she had written a post on the same subject! It is comforting to know that I am in good company, with her, you, and the other mothers who commented on her post.

    I have been checking my WordPress reader wondering when I would see a new post from you. Turns out, some how the unfollow button had been pushed! This happens often – the joys of having a three-year-old?

    Best, Rachel

    • Hey Rachel,
      That is so funny about the email. And what’ even funnier is I said all those very things to Tom the night before Carrie’s post came out too. Must be something in the air. I have started (and struggled) with about 3 posts to try to explain where we are homeschooling-wise, and I just can’t muster the right words. I sound angry and blaming and like I hate Waldorf – none of which is true. But we are moving away from the rigidity (that was in my mind!) and toward a more fluid and dare-I-say eclectic type of homeschooling.We are in transition for sure. And yes, time for me is a big part of that.
      Wishing you grace during this time.

      • Sheila, I sure wish you would hit publish on your posts about where you are homeschooling wise! My personal feelings are that there is no right way to home school. We all have different needs and different kids and we eventually flow to a place that works for us. I am about to write a post on how to-do lists have been really helping out in our home school – not something you read about on many Waldorf blogs I’m sure – but they have fit nicely into our rhythm and allowing me some much needed flexibility. Have a great weekend! Hugs! ~Rachel

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