What Wyoming Wrought


I’m slowly getting past superlatives and starting to put some real words around my trip. Not a full post’s worth yet, but I’m getting there. Rather than continuing the longest silence *ever* in this space, I wanted to type up a page from my journal I wrote the morning I left Jackson. More soon. S

Leaving Wyoming / 7 September 2014

– with dusty boots
– a stronger body
– a bigger heart
– an expanded sense of self
– a taste for whiskey
– a reverence for the west
– a lust for wide, open space
– a feel of a horse beneath me
– an unshakeable stillness
– a presence that will not move
– a reminder of the power of poetry
– a feeling of bravery, vulnerability and tenderness
– a knowledge of who I am and who I want to be
– an openness to welcoming what comes next



9 thoughts on “What Wyoming Wrought

  1. Love the dusty boots picture! Mine are dusty brown! Let’s go back! Found a quote from Maggie Kahin.” a “thin place” is where the power and spirit of the Creator, of God, could be experienced intensely.” That’s Ring Lake Ranch!

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