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Hey . . .  If you found your way here from Simple Homeschool, welcome. My name is Sheila. I live in a small town in western NC where I homeschool my two boys with Waldorf inspired methods. This blog is one of my favorite places. The friendships and connections I have made here have changed me. Blogging has made the world smaller, kinder, more intimate, with more magic and grace than I could ever imagine. If you are inspired, please leave a comment and/or subscribe to my blog. I’d like to get to know you too.

I wanted to give you two links to other posts that will provide a good idea about how I approach homeschooling. One is a blog series that focuses on our inner work as mothers. You can find, From Wholeness, here. This is a workbook/guidebook of sorts to help keep the most important things in homeschooling – our children – front and center. I know some of my deepest spiritual and personal growth have come from showing up for this homeschooling gig, day after day, year after year – however, sometimes I forget the bigger picture and these reflections help me remember.

You can find my all-time favorite advice for getting started or re-started here. It is simple and doable and I go back to it a couple of times every year!!

Thanks for spending part of your day with me. Again, I’m glad you’re here. ♥S

PS. I’ll be moderating the comments at Simple Homeschool, and as always, I’d love to know your thoughts. Here is the full link

3 thoughts on “Simple Homeschool!

  1. Hey Sheila, welcome back. Looking forward to reading about your Wyoming adventure! I enjoyed reading your SImple Homeschool piece but as I was a bit late to read it, thought I’d comment back here instead. I really love the idea of keeping a month free. It makes total sense and I’m sure it would really help with the winter doldrums. But I can’t help but wonder….do you have to drop one of your blocks each year in order to pull it off?
    As we move up the grades the harder it’s becoming to fit it all in. Of course it wouldn’t matter if we were just chugging along at our own pace, stopping to smell the roses etc, but instead I struggle with the Steiner idea that we have to bring things at just the right time because that’s when it’s prescribed and so important for my child’s soul development. I sometimes wish some Waldorf “expert” would let me off the hook and say, “All that stuff about Rome in grade 6 and fables in grade 2 and fractions in grade 4 doesn’t really matter…it’s a myth. Rudy’s little joke.” then I could heave a sigh of relief and just go with the flow. Instead I find myself feeling this ridiculous pressure to keep up and “tick off the blocks” each year. Sigh.
    And even if I were brave enough to let some of it go ;-) how on earth would I decide which block to drop??? It all looks so interesting…
    Thanks for listening to my rant :-) Cathy

    • “IT’S ALL A BIG, FAT JOKE!!”
      – Rudy, Lecture 3,876

      Yes, it is hard to pick and choose, but I know going in that I am not going to fit everything in – well, without going crazy. I love Jean Miller’s advice of “go deep, not wide”. That helps me to believe that less is really more.

      Although to tell you the truth, I have been struggling with Waldorf lately . . . hence my silence on the blog. That and trying to process my trip. It is all inner work, honestly, and that is the best we can do – for ourselves and for our kids. I said to someone on the SH post that if we proceed with kindness and intention, we really can’t ask for more than that.

      That’s what I’m going with anyway – kindness and intention – PLUS tomorrow is Friday! Hallelujah!!


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