Riding Into My Mythic Life

IMG_8925What, after all, is myth? Myth is something that never was but is always happening. Myth is closer than breathing, nearer than our hands and feet; it is built into our very being. I have come to believe that life is allied with myth in order that we may advance along an evolutionary path. The path carries us nearer to the spiritual source, which lures us into even greater becoming.

IMG_8935By their very nature, horses are mythic creatures that invite us to step into that higher sense of purpose for our lives . . . just by being in the horse’s presence and making the horse one player in our cast of thousands, we can ride into this potent realm of story and myth.

IMG_8928Horses occupy that land where myth opens the door to our greater lives.

IMG_8926We find that horses restore us to who and what we really are, taking us on a hero’s journey to claim the parts of ourselves we had left behind.

IMG_8936Horses often come into a person’s life for a short-lived period to provide an important symbolic role, to lift some new understanding to consciousness through their mythic connections.

IMG_8931Horses partner with us to ride into our lives with power, grace, and beauty, offering their mythic talents to teach us greater compassion for all sentient life and to all new or forgotten aspects of ourselves to emerge for the benefit of building a brave new world of the future.

IMG_8930With horses as our companions, we can ride into that world with the extended power of our mythic lives, experiencing the journey with greater joy, trusting our intuition, claiming our capacity for wise leadership, and stepping into our greater life.


All horses in this post are courtesy of “The Art Ladies” who surprised me with more than two dozen of them, using this pattern from Ann Wood. All quotations are from the book Riding into Your Mythic Life: Transformational Adventures with the Horse by Patricia Broersma. (Definitely worth the $2 I spent at a recent library sale.)

9 thoughts on “Riding Into My Mythic Life

  1. What a sweet gift from The Art Ladies! I love them all. Each horse has such a different personality. May you be carried off to find your own personal power. And remember, You Are Brave! Have a great trip to Wyoming. xoxo

    • Thanks Jean.
      Got this little ditty from Mark Nepo yesterday during one of my more panicky moments. It’s perfect for all of us really.

      The Dive
      Brave your way on.
      You are a blessing waiting
      to be discovered by yourself.
      The wisdom waits in your heart
      like a buried treasure which
      only loving your self can
      bring to the surface. And
      yes, loving your self is like
      diving to the bottom of the
      ocean with nothing but who
      you are to find your way.

  2. Sheila, I’m so glad to know you during this special season of your life! Safe travels on your Wyoming journey.

    Thanks for the Mark Nepo poem. I love it! Especially, “Brave your way on.”

    Here’s to being brave. And diving for the wisdom that waits in our hearts. And taking time off . And stillness. Recently, I came across this lovely poem. (You probably already know it.)


    Today I’m flying low and I’m
    not saying a word.
    I’m letting all the voodoos of ambition sleep.

    The world goes on as it must,
    the bees in the garden rumbling a little,
    the fish leaping, the gnats getting eaten.
    And so forth.

    But I’m taking the day off.
    Quiet as a feather.
    I hardly move though really I’m traveling
    a terrific distance.

    Stillness. One of the doors
    into the temple.

    – Mary Oliver

  3. Oh, the horses! So pretty! And the Nepo poem is something I needed to hear today, “The wisdom waits in your heart.” I must tap into that. The first few days of school have been humbling… lol.

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