A Takeaway & A Giveaway


My takeaway from Taproot this year boiled down to a single phrase, a directive really: Find your brave. Actually, I’ve been talking about doing brave things all year; it started with this post when I wrote about Wyoming way back in January. Well, here I am 2 weeks from my trip, and I’m realizing this whole year has been one long adventure in finding my brave. It’s been a smash up of voicing, claiming, embracing, releasing, speaking, writing, quieting, honing, embodying, defining, finding and losing, adding and subtracting. And clarifying. Yes, if nothing else, it’s been one long journey toward clarity: of who I always have been, of who I am right now and who I am choosing to be in the future.

There is a stripped down feeling to all of this that can leave me feeling exposed – even naked at times. Sometimes I can quell this feeling of vulnerability by closing my eyes for a moment, taking a deep breath and grounding myself. Other times, I need to put my red boots on and tell myself to “Cowboy up!” I may be the last person on planet earth to hear the song “Brave” by Sara Bareilles – but I’m making up for lost time. My dear friend, Siobhan, introduced me to this anthem while we were at Taproot. I didn’t know I needed this song, but I do. It’s inspired more than a few dance sessions out in the hayfields and some artwork too. I made a bunch of these “find your brave” banners that I would love to send out into the world. If you would like one, leave a comment and tell me how you are finding your brave. Three random winners will be announced on Tuesday August 19, 2014. Good luck!!



15 thoughts on “A Takeaway & A Giveaway

  1. Love the banner. I have not heard that song before so i guess I might be the last one to hear it-LOL.
    I will be looking for a part-time job and needing to interview. I have not done that in years-YIKES! Find my brave!!
    Thanks for the giveaway! Happy Friday :)

  2. Good Morning! I love this post. I have been feeling the same power needed lately in my life. As my children get older, I have been questioning what my life will be. I have put all of myself in these past wonderful years. I am excited to find out what might be out there for myself as well as our family.

  3. Thanks again for the inspiration! Brave is my word for this school year as our family packs up and moves to a brand new city in hopes of once again striving for balance for all members so we can continue our homeschool journey. We bought a house before I had ever laid eyes on it. The structure is after all just a box where home is created right!? Less than 2 weeks until our new adventure!

  4. Dear Sheila,

    LOVE your banners…I need to find my brave.

    It’s a big tangled ball of yarn, but I recently took an intense university course to help and support my dyslexic kids but am suddenly being asked to tutor other dyslexic kids in our school.

    I’m scared because it’s so soon! Am I ready? Have I had enough time to prepare? Can I help these kids?

    On the other hand, how can I NOT at least try to help these kids?

    I need to find my brave…

    Much aloha,

    P.S. Having major “log in” issues. Please forgive me if there are multiple comments from me!

    • No. No multiple comments.

      Wow Lori!! YOU CAN DO THIS!! You have so much heart, and sometimes that is all you need.

      I love how Brene Brown talks about being vulnerable and daring greatly. She says we need to quiet that voice in our heads that says “Who do you think you are?” and step in the arena we are called to be in.

      For some reason, your gluten-free challah bread keeps popping into my head – LOL. Anybody who can do that, can do anything!!!!

      Find your brave, my friend. I’m right there with you.

  5. “Brave” was the theme of our church girls camp this year and we did lots of dancing to Sara Bareilles’ song, too! It was so inspiring to talk with the teen girls about being brave as they mature into women. Your banner is so cute and I think, should I win, that I will give it to my daughter. :) Thanks Sheila!

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