Links and Other Thinks: July 2014


Wise words from Jean Miller about teaching writing and mama’s little road trip.

I have a new homeschool planner: Homeschool Planet. The name makes me cringe slightly, but I love that it is online and easy to learn and maneuver. You can find it here. (I still would recommend my old one, but middle school has made me up my game.) And one more thing: You can get the Brave Writer curriculum that Jean talks about in the post above at the same website as Homeschool Planet (just type “Brave Writer” into the search box).

This is an excellent article about why “decluttering” and “organizing” keep us bound to our material possessions.

 If you love handwork – or wonder what all the fuss is about – click on this.

Using this home office as inspiration for our schoolroom.

 Chopped salad with salami.

 A phenomenal remembrance of Ms. Angleou.

 Two laundry items: homemade dryer sheets (brilliant!) and my new favorite laundry soap (no mess, no measuring and it comes in the mail!!).

 Go into the darkness. I’ll meet you there. Wow.

 How to tie a head scarf  for summer- #3 is my favorite.

 Scrapbook on the Road helped me make the coolest journal for my trip to Wyoming!! (For $10 you can’t go wrong.)

Another DIY Pocket Travel Journal

Do you know the LitWits? You should!

 Paper Toys! Free and very, very cool.

Sarah Jane wallpaper. Oh my stars . . .

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