Looking Ahead from Wholeness


What you can plan / is too small / for you to live. – David Whyte

Having looked at all that came before, all that resides within and all that stands in front of you, you can gaze from wholeness on what lies ahead. Gifting yourself a bit of space and time, let the vision of next year begin to emerge. Let it begin gently. Let it begin with intention. Let it begin.


  • Review everything you have written about or thought about in this series: last year, yourself, your child.
  • Close your eyes and make a wish for your upcoming homeschool year.
  • Write down your wish and keep it somewhere safe.


Embrace where you are, and envision where you want to be. Holding that space, invite a word or an image to guide you during the coming year. Be open to what arises and present to how it makes you feel. Whether a whisper or a shout, claim it. Your heart has spoken. Listen to what it has to say.


  • Mark Nepo on wonder.
  • When your thoughts consume you, read this.
  • A Morning Offering” by John O’Donohue.
  • Brené Brown is a visionary. Listening to her inspires change and courage in me.
  • The quotation under the photo above comes from this poem by David Whyte.


7 thoughts on “Looking Ahead from Wholeness

    • I love the quote from our beloved Mr. Whyte. I found it last night and it just keeps reverberating in my mind.
      Thanks for all of your encouragement and support with this series – but most of all, thank you for your friendship.
      See you soon!!!

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