7 thoughts on “Art Journal Wednesday

  1. You are enough! I could read that message every day, multiple times a day for the rest of my life!!! And you, my dear, thank you for sharing your journey.

    • Why is this thought so hard to relax into? If I can remind myself -when I feel myself acting out of “I am not enough” – my reactivity goes way down. I am not coming from a place of compensation of some imaginary defect.

      Tough stuff!! for sure.

  2. Dear Sheila,

    my question is not linked to this topic in particular but I thought I would be interested to hear your opinion in a discipline question as I value very much your posts. I have 4 kids and the situation is often very difficult here. My 3 years old twin boys drive me crazy sometimes. I try to apply positive discipline but sometimes I really don’t know what to do. So this morning after a difficult situation where I wanted to yell at them I tried to think about what would you recommend in this particular situation, so I decided I would ask. Here is what happened: I’m upstairs taking a shower, in the meantime my sweet little boys had poured all the grated cheese on the trampoline together with some liquid soap…. They often do silly things like that, I think it is just out of fun. I’m wondering what can I do?I tried to keep my cool but told them I was very angry and decided they could not go to the trampoline today anymore. I don’t like punishments and don’t know if this was the right thing to do.


    • Hey Patrizia,
      Let me just say first that I hope they used the cheap stuff and not the Parmagiano Reggiano! And unfortunately, I might not have any words of wisdom for you because I probably would have done the same thing: yelled and punished them. However, these are the incidents (and there are so many! is it boys?!!) that make your head want to explode while they are happening, but you know that these are the stories you will be telling and laughing about for years.

      Last weekend we had an incident where the boys wanted to play with their boats in the upstairs bathroom. They turned the sink faucets on full blast and then LEFT THE ROOM! The sink only holds about a gallon of water!! So five minutes later we hear them yelling “The sink is overflowing! The sink is overflowing!” And it was overflowing into the ceiling of the room below which happens to be our schoolroom, which also happened to be a complete mess because I am trying to clean out from last year/set up for the new year. I had piles everywhere and there was now water raining down on our papers, books, art supplies, etc. I thought my head was going to explode. And I yelled.

      Once it was cleaned up I kept yelling. (Not good.) When I could get a tiny bit of perspective (you know when my younger boy started crying) I realized I was more mad at myself bc I had wanted to get rid of the piles all week. So that definitely exacerbated my reaction. I took a breath and told the boys that even though I still thought they had been irresponsible, I was also mad at myself for not picking up the piles earlier.

      I don’t know if you can prevent these kinds of antics/incidents, but I know we can work on our perspectives. I know if I am in a good frame of mind (well-rested, fed, not maxed out) I can react in a more even manner. However if I am tired, hungry, maxed out, “I-just-need-10-minutes-in-the-shower-people!!!” place I am not going to react well.

      All I can say is that there is probably a special place in heaven for the mama of twin 3 year old boys who also have 2 other siblings. LOL and that one day soon you will be laughing about the cheese and the dish soap on the trampoline (unless, of course, if it WAS the Parmagiano Reggiano!). Then maybe it will never, ever be funny.

      Sending you love and light and laughs. Today and always.

      • Thank you so much! In fact it is already funny:) And yes, it was not the parmigiano. It’s also nice to hear that other mamas react the same way and they also have these problems. In fact they are getting much better, until about 6 months ago it was every day like that, now to my biggest surprise sometimes they listen to me and they only tried once to go into the clean trampoline which a forbid for the day. I really enjoy reading your blog.

        Patrizia from Brussels

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