From Wholeness: Ourselves


Judgement makes what is calling us pull back. – Mark Nepo

Cultivating an inner stillness allows that small voice to speak. If you are quiet enough, you will hear it. Looking at and listening to what lies behind your heart and within your bones requires a candle-full of light and a cavern-full of courage. Trust yourself to find yourself. Strike the match. You know the way.


  • Being generous and surrounding yourself with kindness, describe your strengths.
  • Again, with a kind generosity, describe your biggest struggles.
  • Is there a difference between areas to strengthen or improve and that which just needs to be released?
  • What gives you energy? What depletes your energy? Is there an energetic balance to your days?
  • When are you fully present? What inhibits you from being fully present more often?

After sitting with these questions, journaling about the answers and then giving yourself some time and distance, move onto the following section.

  • In light of the above questions, ask yourself: What needs to be seen? What needs to be said? What needs to be heard?
  • What is calling you?
  • Make a single promise to yourself. In this coming year, I promise . . .


I invite you to pause, to feel your breath and to welcome whatever arises. Try 15 seconds. Try 60 seconds. Notice where the breath lands: does it stay in your head and neck? does it fill your chest? does it descend all the way to the belly? Observe its other qualities: fast or slow? deep or shallow? jagged or fluid? Let go of analysis and simply listen to what this unconscious and life-giving force has to tell you.

“Love before me; love behind me; love at my left; love at my right; love above me; love below me; love unto me; love in my surroundings; love to all; love to the universe.” – The Prayer of Light


  • Kelly Rae Roberts invites you to take what you need.
  • Jon Kabat-Zinn shows us how to open to our lives through the practice of mindfulness.
  • The Book of Awakening by Mark Nepo offers short daily reflections and mediations.
  • The enneagram has guided my journey of self-discovery for almost 20 years.
  • Vivienne McMaster cultivates self-compassion through her gentle online self-portraiture classes.
  • The idea of personal geographies are calling to me right now – especially as imagined by Jill Berry.


Click to see all posts in this series.

Click to see all posts in this series.




11 thoughts on “From Wholeness: Ourselves

  1. Oh my goodness (literally :)) Thank you for this. The first quote made my jaw drop, and it only git better from there. What a positive way to start a Monday. Thank you!

  2. Beautiful words from Mark Nepo. Thanks for adding his book title…I’m off to find it! Here’s my promise to myself: “In the coming year, I promise to create more quiet time!” Even after years of parenting and homeschooling, I am forever doing and giving outward. Cultivating that inner quiet is the start. I love Steiner’s verse on Inner Quiet (posted here:; we’re going to do a walking meditation to this verse at Taproot this year! Can’t wait…

  3. I rewrote this so many times! And in the end I just kept cutting and cutting and cutting until I got to what is essential: the breath, some quiet and lots of love.

    Did a bit of somatic work with Sandra last week. Holy Moly! The body does speak if only we can make ourselves listen. Want to show up in my driveway at 7am tomorrow?? I’ll make coffee!!

    Miss you like crazy!

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